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The Authority with Dr. Sanford Richmond

Dec 2, 2018

In this episode of The Authority I tackle the issue of cheating in sports. And the featured topic is the documented serial cheating of the NFL team The New England Patriots. For almost 2 decades now they have been accused and ultimately have been found to be serial cheaters. Although it has been proven that they are serial cheaters of massive proportions... ... they have practically received little to no accountability or punishment for their multiple offences.
<br/ > And in the meantime, while receiving no punishment they have become the most successful franchise in modern football history winning 5 super bowls along with multiple super bowl appearances since 2002. One must question with all this winning, why no punishment for their numerous cheating offences? Is it race? Protecting the legacy of the white quarterback Tom Brady, the white coach Bill Belichick and the white owner Robert Kraft.

Contrast this reality with the black high profile sports figures in recent years having their careers and even lives ruined because of alleged cheating: Barry Bonds and the steroid scandal, former NFL running back Reggie Bush having his Heisman Trophy confiscated when he was at USC and the Jackie Robinson West little league baseball team who got their 2014 national title revoked. Why do they and the many other high-profile sports figures (mostly black) receive harsh, unapologetic punishment for cheating and the New England Patriots don’t? Again, is it race? I discuss this topic with David Leonard, national scholar of race, popular culture and sports.