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The Authority with Dr. Sanford Richmond

Apr 30, 2019

So every single person who accuses Michael Jackson subsequently goes straight to a civil lawyer and tries to sue him. There is never an accuser who simply walks into a police station and says “Michael Jackson molested me what are you going to do about it?” They always go to a lawyer and say, “Lets get rich!”

The day you start making that excuse for victims and saying well—we have to believe them anyway because it’s probably just trauma—we have to believe them anyway—well THAT IS THE DEATH OF JUSTICE! JUSTICE DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE! The day you start saying it doesn’t matter if an accuser has all their facts wrong and its proven to be telling a story that can’t be true we should just convict the person anyway because it’s just trauma—that basically means that no innocent person can ever be acquitted again!

The explosive and powerful comments quoted above were made on this episode of The Authority by Michael Jackson writer and historian and award-winning investigative journalist Charles Thomson. Thomson, based in the UK, has written about Michael Jackson for over a decade. He’s covered and written about Jackson’s music and legacy in multiple publications and books.

But what he’s most known for regarding Jackson is providing years of in-depth and investigative journalism on the allegations of child sexual abuse that has been levied against the singer in life and unfortunately years after his death. Thomson is one of the leading authorities on Michael Jackson in the world.

He’s also been a loud and harsh critic of the controversial documentary HBO’s Leaving Neverland. In the documentary 2 men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, accuse Jackson of molesting them when they were children.

On the show I will talk to Thomson about his critique of the documentary and his thoughts about the main participants of the film, Wade Robson, James Safechuck and Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed. The explosive and powerful statements quoted above are just a portion of what he expresses about Leaving Neverland, the accusers and the widespread condemnation of Jackson in America and around the world that Thomson believes is extremely excessive, one-sided, unfair and unjust.

We also discuss other high-profile cases he’s covered related to child sexual abuse in which he’s won many awards for in the UK. Enjoy the show!