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The Authority with Dr. Sanford Richmond

May 28, 2019

On this episode of The Authority due to popular demand on Twitter and social media…I welcome back Michael Jackson writer and historian Charles Thomson. We simply continue and extend our discussion from our previous interview in which we talk about the aftermath of HBO's explosive documentary Leaving Neverland in which two men, James Safechuck and Wade Robson accuse Michael Jackson of molesting them when they were children. In our first interview Thomson points out the many...many holes and contradictions of the documentary alongside attacking the credibility and integrity of Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed.

In this episode of The Authority our interview focuses more on the aftermath of Leaving Neverland and the repercussions it has caused to Jackson’s legacy. Thomson assesses whether the documentary caused as much damage to Jackson’s legacy as the participants of Leaving Neverland (Safechuck, Robson and Reed) and the global anti-Michael Jackson mass media operation had hoped. We also dig deeper into the sexual abuse allegations that appear to describe a pattern of behavior that Jackson allegedly carries out against his victims which leads many to say, “where there’s smoke there’s fire!” Thomson talks about this alleged pattern of behavior and provides his hilarious but honest take on the famous expression "where there’s smoke there’s fire!"

Thomson also talks about how his journalistic career has been affected by being a long-time writer and defender of Jackson. In addition, he discusses his thoughts and feelings about how the Jackson family has embraced and more importantly—trusted him in being an authority on Jackson’s life, reputation and legacy. Furthermore, being a multiple award-winning journalist, he talks about being nominated for another award in the UK and not knowing the results until the day after our interview. And because the award is rewarded by public vote, Thomson speaks about how Michael Jackson fans across the UK are creating massive campaigns for people to vote for him. And ultimately the massive campaigns by Jackson fans was successful, as Thomson won an award for his investigative journalism by IRONICALLY exposing a massive pedophile ring in the UK labeled the "Shoebury Sex Ring"

Enjoy the show!